Naming Your Blog

Naming Your Blog

It can seem like a pretty daunting task to naming your blog or business. It took me months to come up with my blog and business name and it’s a rather simple, boring name if I’m totally honest. It’s not the most creative name, but people know I’m either an interior designer or a web designer, just based on the name. And once you click on my website you know that I’m a web designer that blogs as well.So what’s in a name? Naming your blog is a very important part of creating a name for yourself in the online atmosphere. Remember don’t overthink naming your blog so much that it stops you from taking the next step. If you change directions in two years or just really don’t like the name a few years down the road, it can always be changed. It’s just better if you don’t have to change your name. So please, take the time to really create a name that you love and a name that you think will endure. But don’t take so much time that it stops you from moving forward with your dreams. For example, I went with a pretty generic sounding name because I wanted it to be able to change later on. I can still have a design studio and not design websites, but I can consult on websites or social media profiles as well in the future or teach about blogging through courses or e-books.

To hopefully ensure that you pick a name you’re not going totally hate in a year, here are some great tips for naming your blog.

First and foremost, you want to do the “official” name check.

Here’s a quick rundown of the name check:

The Name Check

  • Is the name confusing?
  • Is the name easy to spell?
  • Is the name easy to say?
  • Is this name appealing to your readers?
  • Does it reflect your blog in tone and feel?
  • Can you grow the blog with this name?

Is the name confusing?

Does the name you have chosen reflect your brand? Does this fit along with the subject matter of your blog? You don’t want it to be misrepresentative of what you’re all about. Also, say the name out loud, does it make sense? If you have to explain the name or give a disclaimer along with the name, it’s probably not one you want to be using.

Is it easy to spell? Is the name easy to say?

Next, you need to make sure that it’s easy to spell and say. You don’t want to be spelling it out every time you talk to someone. I would say the only exception to that rule is if you’re using your name for your website. Even then, I would still think about it, if you have a super complicated name. You want your blog name to be easy to spell and say because you want it to be easily passed onto someone else. If it’s difficult to say or spell, that hinders the ease of sharing it.

Is the name appealing to your readers?

Be sure when naming your blog that you don’t use terms that only your specific niche may know. If you want people beyond your niche to find you, they won’t be able to because they don’t know that specific niche term you have used as your name.

Does it reflect your blog/business in tone and feel?

When coming up with a name, make a list of all things you want people to feel about your blog. While brainstorming names, check if the names go along with the tone and feel you want your brand to express. Do you want it to be professional, funny, serene or something else?

Can you grow the blog with this name?

Don’t be too specific with the name. If you’re not sure you want to keep with the subject of your blog or you think your business might expand into a different area, having a generic/broad name can be helpful. Getting people used to a new name can be difficult. It is possible to make the transition, it’s just not always the easiest transition.  For example, starting with and later deciding to add in fake tiny food for miniature dolls and regular sized dolls. The current name does not reflect that change, but starting with, allows for a broader subject matter in the future. Boxing yourself into one super small genre, in the beginning, is not a good idea.

Try your name

Depending on what your blog is about, you can try using your name as the domain name and the name of your blog. If your last name is popular, this may be harder for you because the domain may already be taken. You can also incorporate part of your name into the domain name, so it’s not just your first and last name. For example, Ashley Design Studios. I would also recommend buying your name as a URL even if you don’t plan on using it now, you might want it for the future. If you have kids, get their’s, too.

The Domain Check

Once you’ve come up with a name you like the first thing you need to check and see if the domain is available. Most people assume that websites end in .com, so I would definitely start by adding .com when you search. I like to use I buy domains through my hosting service, but Namecheap is a great place to use for searching. They also have a mobile app that is great for when you’re on the go. Looking up names through my hosting platform is really annoying on the go, so the Namecheap app is super helpful.

The Social Media Check

When choosing the name of your blog or business, remember that you are going to have to have some sort of social media presence. Even if you don’t plan on using every social media platform, I would take the time to grab profile names on the major platforms; because you never know what’s going to happen in the future. The sites I would check first are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If the name isn’t taken on those three platforms, it will probably be good for the rest. I would go onto grab usernames on Periscope, Snapchat, and Vine and fill out your profile with a link to your site. You don’t have to use them all, but if you want to start using them in the future, it’s not already taken.
Remember, even if you can’t come up with the perfect name for your blog, it’s okay. If you come up with a good name, that’s better than no name at all. You’ve got to pick something and then move on to the next steps in creating your blog. Don’t get so hooked up on creating the perfect name that you stall on starting your blog.
Have you decided on the name for your future venture? If you’re already sharing on the site, I’d love to check it out. Leave it in the comments below.

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