Content Marketing – What You Can Do Before Your Business Starts

Content marketing is a great way to promote your business and/or blog. It can also help you become a thought leader/expert in the field you are sharing about.

Content Marketing – What is it?

Content Marketing. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot in the business/blogging circles. So what exactly is content marketing? It’s the idea that when content is produced in the form of educational information, the author is getting promoted as an authority on that subject. In order for it to really work though, you need to be consistent in producing content. Content can come in all sorts of forms – blog posts on your blog or someone else’s, tweets, Instagram posts or stories, Snapchat, Youtube videos, live streaming, newsletters, and more. Any way that you can communicate content, your information, is a form of content marketing.


Content marketing is great because you can start sharing your expertise before your business has gotten off the ground. It’s a great way to establish yourself as an expert on the topic. If you’re unsure about your blog/business, you can just dip your toe in by starting to share content. You can easily share on Instagram or Twitter without much commitment. To get noticed on Twitter, be sure to add an image with your tweet.

Editorial Calendar

When it comes to content marketing, planning out when and where you’re going to share that content is very important. Consistency is very important when content marketing and having a calendar helps. Editorial calendars are calendars that are used when you need to plan out content that you’re going to share. You can use a regular paper calendar, google calendar/ical, or plugins like Coschedule to help with your content. I’ll be going into more detail on Editorial Calendars in a future post. Editorial calendars can include everything that is posted from tweets to blog posts to newsletters, anything you can plan in advance.

Content to Share

Choosing what content you want to post before you start your business is key. Finding where your audience spends most of their time online and then posting there is the best way to get your name out and start sharing with others.

You can share tweets that link to other people’s content, which can help you be known as someone that shares great resources. You can post a behind the scenes of your life and/or business.

Instagramming posts with information under the pictures and plenty of hashtags will let you be known as someone that shares great pictures and content. Using Instagram Stories as a behind the scenes tool is great as well. Live streaming is a great option to talk to your audience and answer their specific questions, which can later be used to fuel more content ideas. Posting tips and tricks that have to do with your business is another idea for Instagram.

Snapchat can be used as a behind the scenes tool.

Facebook can be used to share links, create content, and live stream content. Since you can have longer form pieces on Facebook you can share excerpts of your blog posts.

You can create content that you can share about on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Blogging is a great way to share a lot of information in different posts that deal with your business. Your blog can also display your youtube videos if you decide to go that route.

Pinterest can help you share your blog content along with other people’s content. You can become an authority in whatever topic fits your business best. Using group boards to share content is a great way to get your content in front of others following that board.

Making videos whether prerecorded or live is a great way to get your content out there. As I said above, you can also house your youtube videos on your blog. Youtube videos can also be shared on Pinterest.

Podcasts are like the new radio. You can share the same content that can be shared in a blog post or on video much easier and without the hair and makeup haha!

Newsletters are a great way to communicate directly to your audience and have them respond. Having someone sign up for your newsletter is a big deal because you’re going directly into your inbox and most of the time. Sharing exclusive content that is unavailable anywhere else as an incentive. Newsletters can also be used to share news or announcements. If you plan on selling something to your audience. Starting a newsletter at the beginning is key.


Where to Start?

The best place to start is with whatever social media platform you feel most comfortable with and will use on a consistent basis. Next, you find out where your audience is and spend most of the time on those two platforms. If they happen to be the same platform that’s great. After that slowly integrate other social media platforms as you become more comfortable.


How often to post?

It really depends on the platform how often to post. Below I’ve set some guidelines, but you need to see in the analytics of each platform what works best for you and your audience – how often, what time of day, what content is most popular and gets the most interaction.

Twitter – up to 15 tweets per day
Instagram – 1 to 2 post per day
Snapchat – up to 10 per day
Facebook – 1 post per day
Pinterest – 11 pins per day
Blog – 2 to 5 per week
Youtube – minimum once a week
Podcast – minimum once per week
Newsletter – minimum once per week

At the beginning, it can take longer to get noticed from your postings. Using your analytics can really help you get noticed. Post when the most people are online and what day gets the most views. You may need to play around with how often and when to post, but that’s content marketing. Don’t feel like you need to do everything listed above at the beginning. It can take a while to add in sharing content, so take your time.


Guest posting is one of the most important areas of content marketing. Click To Tweet


Bonus Content Marketing

Guest Posting
Guest posting is one of the most important areas of content marketing. If you’re able to get in front of someone else’s audience and leverage their audience to come sign up for your newsletter or check out your website, the more the better.

Live Stream
Another option inside of Youtube or Twitter (Periscope) is to use live streaming. It’s a great way to get started in video.

Twitter Chat
Another way to use Twitter is to participate or create a Twitter chat to share content or facilitate the sharing of content.

Newsletter Series/Download
When using your newsletter, you can have your readers sign up for a series for a few weeks to go in depth on a specific topic. It’s a great way to get people signing up for your newsletter. There is also the option of offering a free download. This is typically called a newsletter incentive.

Content Upgrade
Content upgrades are typically used in blog posts to go in depth or provide help with the topic of the blog post. When growing a newsletter, content upgrades are a great incentive for people to subscribe.


Content marketing is a very important aspect of business marketing and can be used before your business fully gets off the ground. When you’re able to leverage content marketing early, when your business starts you’ve already got people following you, reading your newsletter and sharing your tweets. This gives you an even better audience to bring your new business to.

I’d love to hear from you, what aspects of content marketing are you using in your business right now? What do you want to do in the future?

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