10 Mistakes New Bloggers Make and How to Fix Them

10 new blogger mistakes and how to fix them

Here are the most common blogger mistakes I see in people just getting started. I’ve written down 10 mistakes and how you can fix them so you can continue to look like a professional blogger.

Using too many colors, fonts, and graphics in your blog design and nondescript post titles

  • Fix this by creating an overall brand that includes at max. 4 colors, 3 fonts and graphics that go together in a cohesive theme. Make sure that your post titles actually mean something. Who is gonna want to click on a post titled – Random Wednesday? It doesn’t tell what the post is about, it’s not SEO friendly and why would your reader want to read a post titled Random Wednesday? You need to make sure your posts are titled something people want to read or are going to tease your readers into clicking on.

Hiding your social share buttons

  • Be sure to make your share buttons visible on your blog. You don’t want to make it hard for your readers to share your posts. The harder you make it on them, the less chance that they’ll share your posts. Add the pin it button to your photos and add share buttons to the top and bottom of your posts. You can also use programs like Sumo me, which add social share buttons to the side of the posts. Just make sure this is set up so it’s not blocking content on mobile.

Leaving comments on other blogs that ask for follow for follow

  • This is not the way to promote your blog. When leaving comments you want them to be meaningful, genuine comments. When doing follow for follow it looks and feels like spam, especially if you do it on multiple blog posts on the same blog. When leaving genuine comments, put the link to your blog in the URL field. It’s better to focus your time on growing your social media then leaving spammy comments on blogs.
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Not interacting in the comment sections

  • You don’t comment back with your readers. If you don’t interact with your readers they are less likely to come back or comment because they feel like you don’t care about what they have to say. Commenting back to your readers can make them feel appreciated and shows that you care about your readers and what they think.

Not getting involved in social media

  • Social media can be really overwhelming. As a new blogger, you have a list a mile long for blogging tasks alone and now you have to add social media on top of it. Pick one or two social media platforms to focus on. Find where your blog readers and share on those top two platforms. Learn how to use those two platforms really well and try to schedule posts ahead of time.

Not promoting

  • If your blog is just for fun and you don’t care who reads it, there’s no need for you to promote your blog. If you want to gain clients, readers or eventually monetize your blog you’ve got to be promoting it. At first, it can be really hard to want to share on social media, but you have to. It can be easier if you schedule your content ahead of time – for sharing on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, use Buffer and for sharing on Instagram, use Planoly.

Not picking a niche

  • You need to focus your blog on a two to three topics at most, but it’s really better to pick one niche. It’s tempting to try to be a blog that attracts everyone, but that will never happen. Not everyone is going to like the same thing. Creating a blog that focuses on one niche is going to do much better than trying to focus on multiple topics. Focusing on one niche is better for SEO, social media and growing traffic. You might find 20 readers that are interested in all the topics you want to write about, but you’ll be missing out on the 1,000 readers that want to know how you water your garden or how you threw that amazing party!

Posting photos that aren’t the width of your blog or posting several photos of pretty much the same thing

  • I see lots of new bloggers, that post pictures that are different sizes and/or too small for the page. When posting pictures you want them to be the same width as the text on your blog, also known as the post space. You don’t want them to be all different sizes. If your post space is huge, you can at least make all the pictures the same width. When the pictures are the same width, it really makes the blog look professional. And on the other mistake of posting pictures of pretty much the same thing.  It may seem that the 10 photos you’ve put in the post are slightly different than each other, but you want to have one to three photos in your post max. and use the rest to promote the post on social media. Having many photos of pretty much the same thing only makes your blog load slower, your readers have to scroll more to get to the actual content and it’s just really annoying. Leave the rest for social media, if you’re sharing the slightly different photos over several days on social media it’s just a better use of the photos, instead of them slowing your blog load time.

Not ending your posts with a call to action (CTA)

  • You need to end your posts giving your readers some sort of direction. Ask them to comment, sign up for your newsletter and receive a content upgrade, follow you on a social media platform, read other blog posts and linking to that post. This will keep your readers on your blog longer and get them to whatever goal you have for your blog. So don’t leave your post empty at the end, always ask your readers to do something.

Not having a plan

  • When you don’t have a plan, you’re more likely to be running around not doing anything or trying to do everything and getting overwhelmed. You need to focus on what makes your blog run and focus on those things and not the things that don’t really matter. For example: writing your blog posts, sending your newsletter, sharing content on social media, connecting with others and keeping track of what works and doesn’t, so you know what to do and not do in the future.

I’d love to know in the comments, what was a blogger mistake you did in the past? If you’re doing any of the blogger mistakes mentioned above, how will you change your blog?

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