10 Mistakes New Bloggers Make and How to Fix Them

10 new blogger mistakes and how to fix them

Here are the most common blogger mistakes I see in people just getting started. I’ve written down 10 mistakes and how you can fix them so you can continue to look like a professional blogger.

Using too many colors, fonts, and graphics in your blog design and nondescript post titles

  • Fix this by creating an overall brand that includes at max. 4 colors, 3 fonts and graphics that go together in a cohesive theme. Make sure that your post titles actually mean something. Who is gonna want to click on a post titled – Random Wednesday? It doesn’t tell what the post is about, it’s not SEO friendly and why would your reader want to read a post titled Random Wednesday? You need to make sure your posts are titled something people want to read or are going to tease your readers into clicking on.

Hiding your social share buttons

  • Be sure to make your share buttons visible on your blog. You don’t want to make it hard for your readers to share your posts. The harder you make it on them, the less chance that they’ll share your posts. Add the pin it button to your photos and add share buttons to the top and bottom of your posts. You can also use programs like Sumo me, which add social share buttons to the side of the posts. Just make sure this is set up so it’s not blocking content on mobile.

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Content Upgrades

33 Content Upgrades Ideas and 4 easy tips to make them better!


Content upgrades are a great way to get people on to your email list. Email lists are really important if you plan on selling anything in the future. Starting an email list at the beginning of your blog is a great way to slowly grow that readership. Content upgrades are an enticing way for people to join your list. In order to get the content upgrade the person has to give you their email. Some people may join your list, just to get the content upgrade and then unsubscribe, that’s okay because those aren’t the people who will eventually buy your products anyway.
If you’re unfamiliar with the term content upgrade, let me explain how it works with the example of a pdf. There are all sorts of things that can be content upgrades and we’ll get to those, but for this example, we’ll be talking about a pdf. So you write a blog post about the right way to water your house plants. So as an upgrade, if your reader gives you their email, you will send them a pdf that they can print out about how to water 20 common houseplants plus a spot to add their house plant watering schedule. This way they can print off this pdf and write out their very own house plant watering schedule. The great thing is that they are now on your email list and you can send them your weekly newsletter straight to their inbox.

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Blog Post Checklist

 Every checklist item you need in order to create a great blog post. I love using this checklist because it keeps me on track with my posts and what needs to be done to finish them.


Today I’m sharing with you the blog post checklist I use when writing a post. All the items I need to have done before I publish my post. The blog post checklist ensures that I don’t forget anything essential for my posts. If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you know I’m all about having a great checklist. When I prep my blog posts in Evernote I put this checklist at the bottom of each note. To have this checklist in WordPress, I use a plugin call Pre-Publish Post Checklist, it’s has been updated in a while, but I haven’t noticed any problems, it’s a really simple plugin. I use this plugin to put the blog post checklist on the side of the post editor in WordPress. I’ve shared the list below, so you can copy and paste it and I’ve shared why I have a checkpoint for each item.

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Figuring Out Your Ideal Business Client

Figuring out your ideal business client is important because you don't want to get stuck working with someone that isn't the best fit for you. Answering these three questions every time you meet with a potential client is crucial to figuring out if they are your ideal client.

A great business practice is to figure out your ideal business client. Figuring out your ideal business client helps you to weed out the bad ones when they come looking for the services that you provide. When doing this you need to ask yourself a few questions. I’m going to go over what those questions are and why they are important to figure out your ideal client.

Are they willing to pay your minimum rate or higher?
If they client is low balling you or isn’t willing to pay your minimum rate, why would you want to go with them? You need to be sure that you have the time available for when clients that do what to pay your minimum rate or higher come knocking on your door. This doesn’t mean you can’t give friends and family discounts, but keep it to 10-15% only and don’t go over that. Be sure that you say in the contract with your friends and family that they are getting a package valued at X about of dollars for Y% off and the total is Z. Major companies only give friends and family discounts for a limited time and a limited percent off, so you could offer some like that to your friends and family. If you know when the slow time of year is for you, you can do your discount services during that time. Friends and family usually wait unless they want it urgently and then they will be more likely to pay you for your full service. Continue reading “Figuring Out Your Ideal Business Client”

Editorial Calendar

There are many benefits to using an editorial calendar. I'm going to share with you why I like using an editorial calendar and how to use it.


Editorial calendars are important in many ways. The reason I love editorial calendars is they help me to plan posts in advance. Here are a couple more reasons why I like having an editorial calendar:
Consistency – one of the biggest benefits of having an editorial calendar is always having something to write about. The key to getting traffic and keeping traffic coming is having a consistent flow of posts for people to read. If there aren’t post for people to read they stop coming back and eventually, unless you’re amazing, they stop coming back altogether.
Streamlining – editorial calendars can help narrow down what to write about. Weeding out the bad ideas and not having last minute posts to write, the posts that are written will be higher quality and more thought out. This is important because keeping your niche narrow helps you to be a thought leader in a small space. It’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond.
Planning – editorial calendars help you to plan your next post and even your next month’s worth of posts. Having a plan helps to keep you from not having a post to write for the next day. This also helps you to plan out your posts as far in advance as you want to.


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